Weekend Recovery

If you live for the weekend and want to ensure you're performing at your optimum on a Monday morning then this is for you.

Our weekend recovery pack is aimed at the restoration of the mind & body to a normal state of functioning. It targets 3 core issues; the over-indulgence of drink, disrupted sleep and a lower than normal state of wellbeing that results in poor mood and anxiety.

Recovering from an over-indulgent weekend is essential for brain performance, mood, cognition and wellbeing.

Feel better. Sleep better. Perform better. You. Naturally.

weekend recovery pack. hangover & comedown

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  • Matt Matt 29 - Accountant

    "I get anxious the day after a big night out. 5-htp definitely helps and I swear by milk thistle to lessen my hangover. I'm more relaxed and productive on Sundays and fully re-charged by Monday" 

  • Festival  Jay 25 - Marketing Manager

    "I take these religiously. My job is demanding but I like to party now & again. Milk thistle, 5-htp and sleepaid allow me to do both. I feel better rested and more positive from taking them. Would prefer 1 tablet"

  • hangover cure  Abi 31 - Buyer

    "I work hard & I play hard. I take brain feeds weekend recovery pack because inevitably; I end up over-doing it. 100% take the 5-htp & Milk Thistle if you’ve been clubbing. Nobody wants a two day hangover."  

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