Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle hangover cure. Over indulgence in alcohol
Milk Thistle hangover cure. Over indulgence in alcohol Milk Thistle hangover cure. Over indulgence in alcohol

over Milk Thistle.

a traditional herbal medicinal product used to relieve the symptoms associated with occasional over indulgence of drink based on traditional use only. 


is it for you?


  • for the clean living health conscious over-indulger.
  • to relieve the symptons associated with the over indulgence of drink


our product.


  • 125mg quality standardised milk thistle extract
  • THR licensed product guaranteeing quality, manufacturing & labelling 
  • UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency approved
  • 33% cheaper than Holland & Barrett


Milk thistle (silybum marianum) has been used for a variety of ailments but it has been most studied by modern science for liver, kidney and gall bladder problems. Several scientific studies suggest that the compound silymarin in milk thistle can protect the liver from toxins. 


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€ 9,53
€ 9,53
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  • Chloe milk thistle hangover Chloe 25 – clinical neurophysiologist

    I'm quite sensible with how much I drink but I can get bad hangovers and they’ve definitely gotten worse the older I get. I take 2 before I go out & 2 before bed & I’m fine the following day.

  • Sarah - student milk thistle hangover Sarah 21 – student 

     “I’m a Hangover Zombie without Milk Thistle! I’m more productive, I’m more switched on and I feel wholesome if that makes sense?!”

  • Simon - milk thistle hangover Simon 28 – Financial Client Manager 

    “I need to be 100% on it at work.  If I’m going to a gig or watching the football mid-week it allows me to have 4 or 5 pints and still wake up feeling refreshed

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