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5-htp – the serotonin supplement to cure your comedown

Disclaimer: Brain-feed do not recommend drug use. This article is for advice purposes only.

Knock-on effects of MDMA

One of the most common immediate – and sometimes long lasting – effects of MDMA and other similar compounds is serotonin depletion – the root of the dreaded comedown. These drugs trigger the release of massive amounts of serotonin[1] (5-ht) which is what leads to those feelings of euphoria and emotional closeness with others. This deluge of serotonin depletes the brain’s stock, however, resulting in a deficiency that can last anywhere between 48 hours and a week[2]. But the effects of this can extend beyond your Netflix and regret filled Sundays, and can actually lead to persisting issues with depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and general low mood, as regular MDMA use appears to damage serotonin-producing neurons in the brain[3].

What can you do?

To help you combat such problems, a number of solutions are at hand. Simple things like regular exercise, increased sunlight exposure, getting enough sleep, and a healthy, balanced diet can do wonders to lift and maintain your mood long-term[2,4].

How can we help?

For a more immediate comedown fix, serotonin supplements have been shown to have resounding success in restoring serotonin depleted by MDMA, even in large doses[5]. A leading supplement is 5-htp (or 5-hydroxytryptophan for anyone who wants to impress their friends) which is the direct precursor to serotonin in the brain[6],[7],[8]. Unlike many alternative nutrients, such as tryptophan, it does not compete with other similar amino acids to cross the blood-brain barrier[7] and so is far more effective in boosting serotonin levels.


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