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5-htp bodybuilding , 5-htp weight loss supplement

Can 5-htp boost your fitness regime?

A positive attitude and an upbeat mood makes keeping fit and managing your weight much easier – and more enjoyable.

You can stick to diets and to shredding regimes with far more enthusiasm and commitment if you have both the motivation and inspiration.

On the other hand, these can be seriously undermined by a low mood.

The natural nutrient 5-htp could be a great way to give yourself the benefit of a mood-boost.

It also addresses another important factor in maintaining weight loss and fitness programmes. A good night’s sleep.

It’s amazing how you can go to bed after a period of cardiovascular or weight training exercise feeling tired, only to find that your mind is “pumped” by adrenalin, and sleep eludes you.

5-htp could be the solution.

This will go a long way to putting you in “the right frame of mind” to achieve your fitness goals - as a healthy part of your cardio and weightlifting programme. It will also help you to rest and relax at night so that you get a good night’s sleep.

And to add another benefit to the list this supplement offers, it can also support balanced and healthy weight loss, and reduce headaches and migraines.

How does 5-htp work?

Your mood is connected to a chemical in your brain called serotonin. The more you have, the better your outlook. It is referred to as neurotransmitter and it is involved in regulating mood, appetite and sleep.

This is a naturally occurring substance, which you can also boost by eating a healthy diet including meat, fish, cheese, nuts and seeds.

Serotonin production also increases when you exercise, part of the reason you get a positive buzz from a successful workout or run for example.

5-htp is an amino acid that is a building block for serotonin. Its presence supports your brain to increase the healthy levels of your "happy" chemical messenger.

This, in turn, lifts mood, reduces stress levels and aids a peaceful night’s sleep.

Alleviating sports anxiety

For some people, 5-htp is a great addition to their fitness “tool box”, helping to keep their mood positive and their motivation high.

For others, it can address issues with anxiety that can be a natural part of sports and fitness activities. 5-htp can be particularly invaluable to help with competition anxiety.

The stresses of modern life can deplete your natural reserves of serotonin. Taking the 5-htp nutrient gives your body back some of its positive energy.

5-htp weight loss

Apart from boosting your mood and making it easier to stick to a carefully balanced diet, 5-htp can help weight loss in other ways. (1)

It’s believed to curb cravings for carbs and alcohol for example. Two of the things that can contribute to unwanted weight gain. (2)

5-htp also increases energy levels, making it more likely that you will engage in cardiovascular activities to help burn calories.
Scientific research has shown that 5-htp is even safe to use in the treatment of obesity. (3)
This is partly as it helps to make you feel fuller, for longer. (4)

5-htp body building

Regulating sleep and diet, and having sufficient motivation and energy, are important factors in bodybuilding. This is especially true as sufficient rest enables your body to carry out essential functions to repair and build tissue.

This makes 5-htp – at regulated and controlled doses – a great way to support both body and attitude when planning fitness, weight loss and body building programmes.


brain feed’s 5-htp supplements are the smallest yet most nutrient-dense tablets available on the market. The UK’s premium supplier, brain feed put your health and wellbeing front and centre of product design, using 100% naturally derived ingredients to drive results grounded in science. Made from the highest quality extracts taken from sustainable sources – in this case, from griffonia seeds – they are twice the strength of 5-htp available from Holland & Barrett and MyProtein, helping you to relieve your anxiety in an easy-to-swallow, reliable and consistent tablet.


(1) A Functional Food Product for the Management of Weight Stacey J. Bell & G. Ken Goodrick Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition Vol. 42 , Iss. 2,2002 (2) Serotonin (5-HT) Drugs: Effects on Appetite Expression and Use for the Treatment of Obesity Author(s): Jason C.G. Halford, Joanne A. Harrold, Clare L. Lawton, John E. Blundell. (3) Eating behavior and adherence to dietary prescriptions in obese adult subjects treated with 5-hydroxytryptophan. Cangiano C1, Ceci F, Cascino A, Del Ben M, Laviano A, Muscaritoli M, Antonucci F, Rossi-Fanelli F. (4) Serotonergic drugs: effects on appetite expression and use for the treatment of obesity. Halford JC1, Harrold JA, Boyland EJ, Lawton CL, Blundell JE.

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