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Jim Carrey depression & 5-htp

Jim Carrey speaks about 5-htp with Larry King


1 in 4 of us will suffer a depressed state at least once in our lifetime but who’d have thought one of the world's most loved comics had gotten so low?!

On asked how he got through his depression: “At the risk of opening up the whole Tom Cruise-Prozac argument… Prozac and things like that are very valuable to people for short periods of time, but I believe if you’re on them for an extended period you never get to the problem. You never get to see what the problem is because everything's just any okay and so you don't deal with it.”

How does Jim Carrey deal with his depressed moods?

“I take supplements. Vitamins, but it's also a certain elements in the brain play like tyrosine & 5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-htp) that they're treating depression with now and it is a natural substance that's in your brain, but instead of being a serotonin inhibitor, which just uses the serotonin you have such as Prozac, which doesn't allow it to go back into the receptor and after a while you have to keep taking more and more to feel good. This actually creates serotonin and all, it's a wonderful thing. It's amazing and I'm going to talk about it in the near future.”

Watch the full interview here:

5-htp works on the serotonergic pathway which regulates sleep, appetite and stress so it is more than simply an option for a depressed mood. It’s great for those wishing to maintain health and enhance performance. 

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