Hack your lifestyle to grow new brain cells

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Neuroscientist  Sandrine Thuret offers research and practical advice on how we can help our brains better perform neurogenesis - improving mood, increasing memory formation and preventing the decline associated with ageing along the way.

Did you know that we, as adults, can still grow new neurons?

Dr.  Thuret studies the way adult brains create new nerve cells (neurons) in the hippocampus - a brain area involved in memory and mood - this phenomenon of growing new brain cells in adulthood is called neurogenesis.

Her colleague Dr. Jonas Frisén – a neuroscientist from the Karolinska Institutet, has estimated that we produce 700 new neurons per day in the hippocampus. You might think this is not much, compared to the billions of neurons we have.  But by the time we turn 50, we will have all exchanged the neurons we were born with in that structure with adult-born neurons.

Find out more about neurogenesis, natural ways of supporting this process (i.e. sleep, sex, physical activity..), and the important role of nutrition i.e.  cutting off caffein, alcohol, high saturated fat food  and adding more flavonoids, omega 3 fatty acids, curcurmin..),  which  can help you to hack your neurogenesis a grow more new neurons.

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