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Nov 17, 2022

Raw vegan diet may be a risk to your health – here’s why

Laura Brown, Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, Food, and Health Sciences at Teesside University provides an informative i...

Nov 16, 2022

Men’s mental health: It’s manly to be mentally okay

Male mental health statistics reflect urgency to improve men's mental well-being. Read about its stigma and finding help

Nov 11, 2022

5 ways acts of kindness boost your brain health

Kindness benefits your brain in surprising ways. It helps you live a long, healthy and happy life. Read its science here.

Oct 7, 2022

Mental health: Steps towards a happier future

On World Mental Health Day, learn what is mental health, statistics & issues. How to fix your mental health & find help.

Sep 30, 2022

5 effects of alcohol on the brain and how to manage them

Alcohol is quick to have an effect on the brain. More on what happens in the brain and scientific ways to fix a hangover

Sep 2, 2022

Hangxiety: 3 reasons why alcohol makes you anxious

Why does drinking making you anxious? Read how alcohol alters the brain and proven ways to fix hangxiety

Aug 19, 2022

Manage stress: embrace the good and fix the bad

You can make stress work for you because some stress is good. Find more about 4 unique scientific ways to manage stress

Aug 2, 2021

Swimming - The ultimate exercise for brain health. Here's Why.

Regular swimming has been shown to improve memory, cognitive function, immune response and mood. Swimming may also help repair damage from stress and forge new neural connections in the brain.

Feb 7, 2017

How to recover from your festival comedown

How to recover from your festival comedown naturally with 5-htp, milk thistle & sleepaid

Jan 19, 2016

Jim Carrey speaks about 5-htp with Larry King

1 in 4 of us will suffer a depressed state at least once in our life time but who’d have thought one of the world's most loved comics had gotten so low?

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