Ever tried falling asleep to music?

Dreamy evening. Falling asleep to music. Max Richter

According to a recent survey of Britons’ sleeping habits by the Sleep Council.org, we now only get six and a half hours sleep on average and that’s two hours less than 60 years ago. The Economic and Social Research Council also state that 1/3 of us suffer from insomnia and another 1/4 have some other form of sleeping problem, all of which have a serious impact on our wellbeing - from poor mood and cognitive function to increasing levels of obesity. So, why not try Max Richter’s new 8 hour album – SLEEP.

Max Richter is a German born, British composer who co-founded the boundary-pushing, classical ensemble Piano Circus working with the likes of Brian Eno, Steve Reich and Julia Wolfe. He’s subsequently collaborated with the Future Sound of London on their album “Dead Cities” and Roni Size’s “in the Mode” as well as winning European Composer of the Year for his score to Ari Folman's; Waltz With Bashir.

In September he launched SLEEP – an 8 hour composition genuinely intended to send listeners to sleep and, for the world premiere in Berlin the audience were given beds instead of seats and programmes.

Described by the man himself as “an eight hour lullaby “ it’s dreamy minimalist downtempo sounds are delicately interspersed with vocals and his one-hour adaptation of the work from SLEEP can be purchased here or you can watch trailer below.


Do you ever fall asleep to music? If so, let us know what works for you in the comments section below. There’s been very little scientific study into the effects of music being used to help promote sleep except for a 2003 study by Iwaki et al…Unfortunately, their findings were inconclusive stating “Results imply that music promotes or interferes with falling asleep by modulating the appearance of episodic wakefulness… There is a possibility that listening to music promotes falling asleep though this may only be effective after balancing other factors.” [1]

  1. Tatsuya Iwaki et al The Effects of Preferred Familiar Music on Falling Asleep Journal of Music Therapy 2003 15-26

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