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26 janv. 2023

How to do well in exams: Foods, habits, and supplements to improve memory

Ace exams by optimizing nutrition and sleep. Find 5 scientific ways to improve concentration and focus while studying

24 janv. 2023

Modafinil vs Adderall: Are the best smart drugs too good to be true?

Natural, legal & safe study aids are better than Modafinil/Adderall. Read how drugs work & how 1 supplement trumps them

13 janv. 2023

Beating the January blues: Turn Blue Monday into Bliss Monday

Beat the Blue Monday myth and improve winter blues symptoms with 4 scientific blue monday mental health tips

12 janv. 2023

The BBC’s take on the nutrients vegans need and ways to prevent vegan deficiencies

Dive deeper into veganism & mental health benefits as seen on BBC. More on how to ensure nutritional adequacy in vegans

10 janv. 2023

How to get omega 3 brain benefits from vegan DHA sources

Your brain is 60% fat & vegans can miss out on brain fats like DHA. Find out the best vegan DHA source & why you need it

6 janv. 2023

Concentration plus nette, cerveau plus intelligent : Récolter les avantages mentaux de l'exercice

L'exercice améliore la santé physique et mentale. Cela peut aussi améliorer votre concentration. Découvrez comment vous pouvez en récolter les bénéfices

6 janv. 2023

Mental benefits of weight training: Lift your way to a happier brain

Weight lifting builds muscle strength & brain health. More on benefits of weight training for mood, anxiety & self-esteem

21 déc. 2022

How to keep your brain healthy: 30 days of scientific brain health tips

Learn how to supercharge your brain with this free brain health guide about brain stimulating activities.

21 déc. 2022

6 tips for sticking with your New Year’s resolutions

The success of following through with your New Year’s resolution can be explained by science. The first step is to ma...

21 déc. 2022

Good or bad, habits stick in times of stress

The new year is a time when people resolve to make positive lifestyle changes. Many envision a healthier version of t...

14 déc. 2022

Music and mental health: 5 ways music improves brain health

Why does music make us feel good? There is a link between music and the brain. Find which music helps mental health.

14 déc. 2022

Navigating Christmas anxiety: 4 ways 5-HTP helps you enjoy Christmas

Christmas stress hampers its festivities. Find the surprising ways in which one nutrient helps you navigate the holidays

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