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23 mrt. 2023

Brain benefits of cold water immersion: Take a dip for better mental health

Read how cold water therapy benefits mental health. It brings stress relief by dopamine perk & cortisol drop. More here.

14 mrt. 2023

Why drinking water is important: Cognitive health benefits of staying hydrated.

“Stay hydrated.” is a universal health message that is encouraged across all life stages. Getting adequate fluids is ...

28 feb. 2023

How to read more books and develop a reading habit.

Make your brain love reading. More on finding the motivation to read to reap brain benefits of reading every day.

28 feb. 2023

Reading is good for your brain: 5 reasons why bookworms are the brainiest.

There are scientific benefits of reading. Find how reading develops your brain. More on brain benefits of reading

24 feb. 2023

4 ways living life with purpose nurtures brain health.

One way to reduce risk of Alzheimer's is finding purpose in your life. Read more about the brain benefits of purpose

10 feb. 2023

How to recover from a breakup by balancing your brain chemicals

The science of heartbreak teaches the best way to get over a breakup. Read ways to fix your brain chemicals to feel happy

1 feb. 2023

How to talk about your feelings: Talking therapy benefits mental health

Find answers to why is it important to talk about mental health. More on talk therapy & tips to discuss mental wellbeing

26 jan. 2023

How to do well in exams: Foods, habits, and supplements to improve memory

Ace exams by optimizing nutrition and sleep. Find 5 scientific ways to improve concentration and focus while studying

13 jan. 2023

Beating the January blues: Turn Blue Monday into Bliss Monday

Beat the Blue Monday myth and improve winter blues symptoms with 4 scientific blue monday mental health tips

12 jan. 2023

The BBC’s take on the nutrients vegans need and ways to prevent vegan deficiencies

Dive deeper into veganism & mental health benefits as seen on BBC. More on how to ensure nutritional adequacy in vegans

6 jan. 2023

Scherpere focus, slimmere hersenen: de mentale voordelen van lichaamsbeweging plukken

Lichaamsbeweging verbetert de lichamelijke en geestelijke gezondheid. Het kan ook je concentratie verbeteren. Ontdek hoe u de vruchten kunt plukken

21 dec. 2022

How to keep your brain healthy: 30 days of scientific brain health tips

Learn how to supercharge your brain with this free brain health guide about brain stimulating activities.

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