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5-htp 100mg Tablets

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5-htp is a natural, isolated nutrient extracted from the Griffonia seed. 5HTP is the building block to your feel-good chemical messenger; serotonin (5-HT) making it a natural serotonin booster. Serotonin plays a vital role in your biochemistry because it helps to regulate mood. At night serotonin is converted into your sleep hormone melatonin to aid sleep.

The 5htp in our 5-htp 100mg tablets is extracted and isolated from Ghanian Griffonia Simplicifolia seeds. 99% of the tablet is comprised of 5-htp making it the smallest, nutrient-dense tablet available and no unnecessary bulking agents.

  • easy to swallow
  • 100% natural 5htp from Griffonia seeds

ideal for;

  • Anybody looking to increase serotonin levels naturally 

how it works;

5-HTP is a precursor to the happy hormone called serotonin (5HT). 5HTP goes through a decarboxylase process to be converted to serotonin (5HT). 5HTP can freely cross the blood-brain barrier. It is then freely converted to serotonin making it an ideal natural serotonin support. 


5-htp, natural cellulose, magnesium stearate (vegetable source)


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When should I take 5htp ? + -

100mg 5-htp per tablet is a high-quality and high-strength product. It is recommended that you start by taking only 1 tablet with a meal. You can take a maximum of 2 tablets of 5-htp per day.

We recommend you take 5HTP when you have an emotional need for the product. The mornings are better if you want support throughout the day. It can also be taken in the evening as at night the body converts serotonin into melatonin.

Is 5htp safe ? How long can I take it for ? + -

+200mg of 5-htp per day have been safely taken for up to one year. We recommend taking 5-htp as/when you have an emotional need for the product.

5htp vs tryptophan - can you take serotonin tablets ? + -

Tryptophan is another amino acid which is available in small amounts in protein-rich foods such as pork, chicken and beef. In order to be converted into serotonin, it must be converted into 5-htp in the brain however tryptophan is unable to cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. It requires the help of transporter molecules and it competes poorly against other amino acids for this transportation mechanism.

Are there any 5-htp side effects or contraindications ? + -

5-htp should not be taken with any anti-depressant medication.

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