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what is acetylcholine function acetylcholine supplements acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter

May 23, 2024

Guide to better memory: what is acetylcholine & what does it do for your brain

Wondering what acetylcholine is and how it can help your memory? Here's the ultimate guide to your memory and learning chemical, from function and brain role to deficiency and supplementation.
what is dha benefits dha omega 3 dha function

May 3, 2024

What is DHA? Guide to a natural and safe nutrient for brain support

Wondering what DHA is and how it can help your cognition and mood? Here's the ultimate guide to DHA, an omega 3 fat: from sources and supplementation to benefits and safety.
diet and dementia omega 3 brain benefits dementia and nutrition

Jan 25, 2024

Diet and dementia: NEW study reveals omega 3’s promising role

A new study conducted on 267312 participants from the UK Biobank has been published. Here’s what they found. 
crossfit exercise benefits for mental health mental benefits of crossfit how does exercise improve mood does exercise help you sleep best exercise for mental health

Aug 2, 2023

CrossFit exercise benefits for mental health: A stronger body and a fitter brain.

Crossfit is one of the best exercise for mental health and physical health. Read more on the mental benefits of crossfit
do binaural beats work how do binaural beats work binaural beats for focusscience of binaural beats binaural beats brain waves

Jul 7, 2023

Do binaural beats work or are they a musical mind trick?

What is the science of binaural beats for focus? Do they work? If yes, how do binaural beats work? Read more here.
time management skills for students  how to manage time better what time of day is your brain sharpest best time for brain to study ways to improve productivity

Apr 18, 2023

Time management skills for students

Are you currently studying? Do you need guidance on scheduling your tasks? Read more about time management and the brain. Try out 3 evidence-based ways to better manage your time. 
effects of dehydration on the brain Why drinking water is important hydration and brain function how long does it take to rehydrate your brain

Mar 14, 2023

Why drinking water is important: Cognitive health benefits of staying hydrated.

“Stay hydrated.” is a universal health message that is encouraged across all life stages. Getting adequate fluids is ...
how to read more books reading habit motivation to read  benefits of reading every day    reading is good for the brain

Feb 28, 2023

How to read more books and develop a reading habit.

Make your brain love reading. More on finding the motivation to read to reap brain benefits of reading every day.
reading is good for your brain reading and mental health scientific benefits of reading brain benefits of reading does reading improve memory

Feb 28, 2023

Reading is good for your brain: 5 reasons why bookworms are the brainiest.

There are scientific benefits of reading. Find how reading develops your brain. More on brain benefits of reading
finding purpose in your life how to reduce your risk of dementia reduce risk of Alzheimer's living life with purpose benefits of purpose

Feb 24, 2023

4 ways living life with purpose nurtures brain health.

One way to reduce risk of Alzheimer's is finding purpose in your life. Read more about the brain benefits of purpose
exam preparation tips Exam stress management how to improve concentration and focus while studying how to do well in exams supplements to improve memory

Jan 26, 2023

How to do well in exams: Foods, habits, and supplements to improve memory

Ace exams by optimizing nutrition and sleep. Find 5 scientific ways to improve concentration and focus while studying
mental benefits of exercise physical exercises for concentration physical exercises for concentration effects of exercise on the brain exercise for brain health

Jan 6, 2023

Sharper focus, smarter brain: Reaping the mental benefits of exercise

Exercise improves physical and mental health. It can improve your concentration too. Find how you can reap the benefits


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