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viridian l theanine and lemon balm complex lemon balm benefits lemon balm for anxiety lemon balm uses

Oct 17, 2023

Lemon Balm vs. Theanine: Which Natural Relaxation Aid is Right for You?

L theanine and lemon balm are relaxation aids. Does a theanine and lemon balm complex work? Who is the clear winner?
is matcha good for you brain benefits of drinking matcha theanine in matcha for anxiety

Oct 13, 2023

Brain benefits of drinking matcha revealed: myth vs facts

Learn about matcha, the popular green tea extract that provides you with a relaxing effect when using a high-quality product. Discover how many matcha lattes are good for you and what are the benefits.
andrew huberman sleep cocktail  huberman lab sleep huberman sleep stack                           magnesium threonate apigenin theanine best supplements for sleep

Sep 29, 2023

Huberman sleep cocktail review: why you can skip l-theanine

What does a top neuroscientist take for optimal sleep? Read to find the 3 best supplements for sleep and how they work
l theanine and caffeine caffeine jitters l theanine and coffee can caffeine cause anxiety effects of caffeine on the brain

Jun 28, 2023

The perfect blend: l-theanine and caffeine for caffeine jitters

Want to know if a natural relaxant l-theanine can really work with coffee to cure caffeine jitters? Read all about the effects of l-theanine, coffee, and the combination of the two of them.
l theanine side effectsl theanine benefits l theanine dosage what does l theanine do when to take l theanine is l theanine safe ? How does l theanine work

Jun 27, 2023

Your ultimate guide to l-theanine: benefits, side effects & dosage

Are you wondering what l-theanine is and what are its benefits? Read more about its role, side effects and dosage to determine when to take it & how to take it safely to get the beneficial effect of l-theanine.
yoga benefits for mental health yoga for stress relief  is yoga good for stress what does Gaba do in the brain mental benefits of yoga

Jun 21, 2023

Reconnecting body and mind for relaxation: Yoga benefits for mental health

Is yoga good for stress? Yoga for stress relief is one of many mental benefits of yoga. Find the evidence + more benefits
What does gaba do in the brain how to increase gaba naturally How does gaba work Do Gaba supplements work gaba side effects

Jun 20, 2023

How to increase GABA naturally? The science of the relaxing brain chemical

Do Gaba supplements work? Find more about the relaxing brain chemical & how to increase GABA naturally.
dopamine and social media social media and mental health social media addiction effects of social media on the brain

Jun 14, 2023

Dopamine and social media: The science behind scrolling for hours.

Effects of social media on the brain involve the dopamine system. More on dopamine and social media and mental health link.
how to stay calm in stressful situations stress and mental health ways to release stress green tea for stress strategies for managing stress

Mar 31, 2023

Learn How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations — Here's What to Do

Stress and mental health are linked. Read ways to release stress, including using green tea for stress management
How to improve mental wellbeing Lift mood naturally How to improve your mood supplements for mental health increase serotonin and dopamine

Oct 7, 2022

How to improve mental wellbeing? Your brain chemicals hold the answers.

Your 5 brain chemicals can massively improve your mental health. Read how they do it and easy ways to maximize them
l theanine benefits  l theanine caffeine l theanine dosage natural stress relief

Aug 11, 2022

L-theanine benefits relaxation without sedation

L-theanine, a nutrient from green tea, helps you relax without making you drowsy. Read all about it here.
gaba vs l theanine  buy gaba uk  what does gaba do in the brain  l theanine side effects l theanine holland and barrett l theanine gaba supplements uk gaba benefits

Jul 28, 2022

L-theanine vs GABA: How to relax your brain quickly?

Read about the 2 nutrients that can boost your relaxing brain chemical. Which is more effective and where to find them?


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