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Tyrosine - 60 capsules

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Tyrosine is a natural isolated nutrient and the building block to your reward and pleasure chemical messenger; dopamine.

Dopamine is released when you derive pleasure from activities such as sex, great food and accomplishment. It is also linked to alertness and motivation.

The tyrosine in our dopamine booster is the world's 1st natural 800mg capsule from fermented corn.*

l tyrosine supplements are ideal for;

  • Anybody looking to support their dopamine levels.

how it works;

In general, l tyrosine supplementation tends to occur in the morning or 1 hour before reward or motivational-seeking activity. Tyrosine is converted into Levodopa in the brain before being converted into dopamine making it an ideal supplement to increase dopamine levels. 

l-tyrosine benefits dopamine production. The benefits of maintaining normal levels of dopamine include;

  • maintaining emotional wellbeing 
  • drive, motivation and reward-seeking activity
  • mental function and decision-making under acute environmental and emotional stressors [1]

*[launched 1st June 2018] 

  1. How/when should I take it? 
    Take 1 capsule 800mg tyrosine supplement on an empty stomach.

  2. How long does it take to have an effect?
    Tyrosine levels peak between 1-2 hours post-ingestion [2]. Feelings of fearfulness were abolished 59 minutes post-ingestion amongst university students undertaking a fear conditioning task [3]

  3. Are there any side effects - is l tyrosine safe?
    Tyrosine has US FDA GRAS status “generally recognized as safe”.
  4. How do I obtain dietary tyrosine?
    tyrosine is an amino acid found in protein-rich foods such as meat, fish and dairy. However, 100 grams of soybeans also contains 470mg of tyrosine whilst onions, mushrooms and beans can complement dietary consumption.

 tyrosine, vegetable capsule, bulking agent; rice flour, vitamin b12


[1] Mcgill University, Montreal – Psychopharmacology for the Clinician – Journal of Psychiatry Neuroscience 2007; 32(3)

[2] a b c Glaeser BS, et al. Elevation of plasma tyrosine after a single oral dose of L-tyrosine. Life Sci. (1979)

 [3] Soranzo et al Fear expression is suppressed by tyrosine administration – Journal of Nature Scientific reports  9, 16073 (2019)

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