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brain feed gift card

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Give the gift of brain health this festive period with brain feed's wellbeing gift card.  The perfect health and wellness gift for mental health enthusiasts, nutritionists or anyone with an interest in enhancing brain performance. 

E-Gift cards are valid for 24 months and can be redeem across brain feed's full range of supplements. Want to gift one to someone special ? Simply let us know the email of the recipient and the rest is covered.  Please provide the email and first name of the recipient in the "special instructions for seller "on the cart page along with any specific message you want them to them receive. 


1. I want to buy a gift card as a present. How do I do this?

Simply add the gift card to your cart. Navigate to the cart page and in the box “special instructions for seller” add the recipients email and first name plus any specific messaging you want them to receive alongside their e-gift card.

2.If I buy an e-gift card for someone else, what do they receive?

If you have provided the recipients email address, they will receive the e-gift card alongside a personalised message and instructions on how and what they can redeem it on.

3.When will recipients be notified that they have been gifted an e-gift card ?

All recipients will be notified on the 25/12/23 of their gift via email. If you want to change this date, please include your desired date in the “ special instructions for seller” box on the cart page.

4. How long is the gift card valid ?

Gift cards are valid for 24 months from the purchase date.

5. What can the gift cards be used on ?

Gift cards can be used on all brain feed products. Gift cards can't be used in conjunction with subscriptions.

6. How do I use my gift card ?

At checkout enter the unique code. The amount will be deducted from your cart total.

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