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yoga benefits for mental health yoga for stress relief  is yoga good for stress what does Gaba do in the brain mental benefits of yoga

Jun 21, 2023

Reconnecting body and mind for relaxation: Yoga benefits for mental health

Is yoga good for stress? Yoga for stress relief is one of many mental benefits of yoga. Find the evidence + more benefits
What does gaba do in the brain how to increase gaba naturally How does gaba work Do Gaba supplements work gaba side effects

Jun 20, 2023

How to increase GABA naturally? The science of the relaxing brain chemical

Do Gaba supplements work? Find more about the relaxing brain chemical & how to increase GABA naturally.
breathing exercises to calm down breathing for mental health breathing techniques to relax  calming exercises for anxiety   how to control breathing

Apr 27, 2023

Top 3 breathing techniques to relax

Learn about the body’s stress responses. Help yourself feel calmer and more relaxed with 3 science-based breathing techniques.
managing stress at work how to recover from burnout work burnout symptoms what causes burnout at work burnout prevention

Apr 12, 2023

Managing stress at work: How to recover from burnout

Want to learn how to prioritise your well-being and beat burnout? Follow 4 science-based steps to be able to retake charge of your life.
Stress and the brain effects of stress on the brain healthy ways to deal with stress when is oxytocin released

Mar 31, 2023

Oxytocin, stress and the brain: Make stress your friend

Read about the beneficial side of stress and get to know the love hormone - oxytocin. Learn how bravery and health are scientifically linked to stress and how you can stimulate that in your life with evidence-based techniques.
work fatigue exhaustion after work Work affecting mental health how to work more efficient signs of exhaustion from work

Nov 7, 2022

Work fatigue at a desk job- How to work more efficiently

Desk work can lead to mental fatigue. Read how buildup of a brain chemical can impair decision-making and how to fix it.
effects of stress on the brain how to reduce cortisol levels stress and the brain what is the fight or flight response natural stress relievers

Nov 1, 2022

The effects of stress on the brain and 5 ways to de-stress

Stress has long term effects on your brain. Find out how your brain reacts to stress & scientific ways to de-stress.
gaba vs l theanine  buy gaba uk  what does gaba do in the brain  l theanine side effects l theanine holland and barrett l theanine gaba supplements uk gaba benefits

Jul 28, 2022

L-theanine vs GABA: How to relax your brain quickly?

Read about the 2 nutrients that can boost your relaxing brain chemical. Which is more effective and where to find them?
SSRI side effects dopamine serotonin

Mar 10, 2021

tryptophan, tyrosine & SSRI’s on cognition + reward

SSRI drugs can impact dopamine. A new study reveals that tyrosine and tryptophan play a role in reward processing and a set of cognitive skills.
l theanine benefits  l theanine caffeine l theanine dosage gaba supplement  natural stress relief

Jan 11, 2021

How does theanine help you to relax?

L-theanine constitutes 1-2% of the dry weight of green tea and it has been shown to promote relaxation without sedation.


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