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Alpha GPC pre workout powers up your fitness


If you train regularly or are an avid gym-goer, what are your fitness goals? Are you working towards your personal best in bench press, building muscle or lower body strength? A supplement that can build your brains and brawn needs attention. A choline supplement called Alpha GPC benefits your brain power by increasing levels of your learning and memory brain chemical (acetylcholine). It can also help you improve your fitness levels in a variety of ways. Can Alpha GPC be rated as the best natural pre workout alternative?

Can Alpha GPC increase your growth hormone levels?

The science says yes. Resistance training increases growth hormone levels, which helps in repairing muscles and building muscle mass [1]. Alpha GPC can increase your growth hormone 44 times more than your baseline levels [2]. After the age of 40, your body needs extra help because it produces less growth hormone after exercise [1]. Alpha GPC supplementation can help increase levels. Those who engaged in regular exercise were provided 600 mg Alpha GPC, 90 mins before resistance training. They noted an increase in growth hormone levels by 44 times, within 15 mins post exercise [2]. This was over 40 times higher than those who performed the training without supplementation. Alpha GPC can increase your growth hormone levels even on your rest days. Young adults supplemented with a single 1000mg Alpha GPC had a 290% increase in growth hormone levels an hour after intake [3]. This is higher than the average growth hormone increase after a moderate intensity exercise session. 

Can Alpha GPC help you beef up your bench press?

If chest day is your favourite workout day, one supplement that can help with extra power in your arms is Alpha GPC. Strength training supplemented with Alpha GPC has shown better performance. Experienced fitness trainers who took 600mg Alpha GPC 2 hours before performing bench press throws, found that Alpha GPC increased their peak force by 14% [2]. Incorporating Brain feed’s 500mg Alpha GPC capsule containing 99% Alpha GPC, during your training sessions can help improve performance over time. 

Can Alpha GPC supercharge your lower body strength?

Most people looking to maximise their fitness want to improve their lower body strength along with their upper body strength. Alpha GPC can help you with that. The mid-thigh pull test is the best way to test lower body strength. You are required to pull a barbell which is locked in place, with maximum effort for 3-5 seconds. When men were supplemented with 600mg Alpha GPC for 6 days, their peak mid-thigh pull force increased by 140% [4]. 

Even in small doses of 200mg, Alpha GPC can help improve lower body strength. Those who took 200mg Alpha GPC 30 mins before exercise had 8.5% higher jump power compared to those who took caffeine [5]. Larger studies are needed to reinforce this result. 

Can Alpha GPC help in recovery post workout?

Rest and recovery are equally as important as working out. Even when you are at the start of your fitness journey, ensuring a healthy heart rate after workout is important for heart health. After intense exercise, stabilising heart rate faster can help protect the heart. Overweight and obese women took 1000mg Alpha GPC an hour before performing sprint exercise. During the sprint exercise, participants performed 30 seconds of intense exercise followed by 4 mins of rest. The heart rate stabilised faster among those who took Alpha GPC [6]. This contributes to protective heart benefits.

Can Alpha GPC be the most effective pre workout? 

The science behind Alpha GPC’s role in fitness is emerging. Alpha GPC is one of the most efficient choline sources currently available. It can be extracted from natural sources and is safe at high doses. It is 41% choline and can quickly increase in acetylcholine levels 1-3 hours after intake [7]. 

  • Increasing acetylcholine levels stimulates the release of growth hormone in the brain [3]
  • Brain cells that use choline are involved in muscle movement. Alpha GPC can provide adequate choline for muscle needs [4]
  • Heart benefits of Alpha GPC are linked to increased availability of choline and acetylcholine, which helps in reducing inflammation and increasing levels of protective compounds [6]

The role of Alpha GPC in fitness is new and exciting. Upcoming studies can help establish its place as a natural and safe ergogenic aid. 


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