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Andrew Huberman supplements list: what does the award-winning Stanford neuroscientist take?

Image courtesy of Jamesbrianbounds, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Andrew Huberman is a Professor of Neurobiology & Ophthalmology at Stanford University. He started his podcast, the Huberman Lab Podcast in 2021 where he talks about brain and neuroscience. It is currently one of the top 15 podcasts worldwide. He has over 1 million followers on social media and is a credential source in a sea of non-evidence-based influencers. With a PhD in neuroscience and over 20 years of experience in the field, Dr Huberman knows what he is talking about. 

Dr Huberman revealed what he personally takes for brain health. Based on his wealth of knowledge, Andrew Huberman supplement list comprises of alpha GPC, L-tyrosine, and caffeine as part of his nootropic (cognitive enhancer) stack. This is the science behind these supplements and the way they enhance brain health:

Alpha GPC

Your learning, attention and memory brain chemical is acetylcholine. The memory area in your brain is rich in acetylcholine-producing cells [1]. This brain chemical is also directly involved in attention tasks, by prioritising brain activity in active areas and eliminating distractions to help you focus. To make adequate acetylcholine, you need to ensure a good supply of its building block, choline. It is found in protein rich foods like beef liver, eggs, and almonds. One of the most efficient supplemental forms of choline is Alpha GPC, as recommended by Dr Huberman. Alpha GPC can easily enter the brain and has one of the highest choline contents in supplements. (41% of choline by weight). brain feed has created the world’s 1st 500 mg Alpha GPC capsule containing 99% Alpha GPC* (the purest form of Alpha GPC). It works quickly by increasing acetylcholine levels within 1-3 hours after intake [3]. A 29-years long review of different studies found that 1200mg alpha GPC improved memory scores in over 400 people [2]. Those supplementing also saw an increase in attention scores [4]. Dr Huberman mentioned 300-600 mg intake of Alpha GPC to enhance learning [5].


Your reward and pleasure brain chemical is called dopamine. Feel good activities like good food, sex, exercise, and thrill-seeking bring an influx of dopamine. Dopamine is also deeply involved in motivation and drive. Those with high levels of self-motivation were found to have higher dopamine release in the reward and motivation brain areas [6]. Dopamine loves novelty, with brain scans studies showing increased release when subjected to new experiences [8]. You can incorporate its role in reward and motivation to try and excel at new skills. The building block of dopamine is L-tyrosine, found in protein rich foods such cheese, tofu, and beef. You can also find supplemental forms of L tyrosine. Huberman takes L-tyrosine to increase dopamine levels. Upon intake, L-tyrosine levels peak after 1-2 hours and remain in the blood for up to 8 hours [7]. Dr Huberman recommends 500-1000 mg intake of L-tyrosine to enhance dopamine production [5]. brain feed has created the world’s 1st natural 800mg tyrosine capsule from fermented corn.


Caffeine, the stimulant commonly found in tea and coffee, is another tool in Dr Huberman’s toolkit. After intake, caffeine levels peak within 30-60 mins [9], which helps explain why you feel alert soon after your first cup of coffee in the morning. Caffeine works by blocking a brain chemical that promotes sleep (adenosine) [9]. A shot of espresso provides an average of 60 mg caffeine [11]. 150mg of caffeine can enhance alertness on cognitive performance for 10 hours [10]. A balance is needed because at high doses of 500-600 mg, caffeine can increase heart rate and shivers [9]. As opposed to improvements in memory functions, caffeine performs simpler enhancements like improved reaction time and alertness [12]. This is particularly useful in situations of mental fatigue. Military individuals and long-distance drivers that were required to stay focused for long periods of time had better vigilance after 200-mg doses of caffeine [12]. Though it helps to wake you up, excess caffeine intake can make you jittery and must be stayed clear of, as per Andrew Huberman. Sleep-deprived individuals have also seen benefits on 100-300mg, which can limit the errors performed on attention tasks.

Dr Huberman’s focus formula: 

Andrew Huberman recommended supplements when performing intense work, involve a combination of those 3 supplements. Dr Huberman reported taking the following to maximise his alertness and concentration:

Alpha GPC + L-tyrosine + caffeine

This winning combination contains nutrients that improves focus, increases motivation, reaction times and alertness to maximise your productivity. 

andrew huberman supplements

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