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Alpha gpc benefits increase motivation Alpha gpc choline Alpha gpc dosage Acetylcholine function motivational boost

Does Alpha GPC increase motivation?

Published Aug 1, 2022 | Updated Feb 8, 2024

Alpha GPC is a supplemental form of choline. Choline was classified as an essential nutrient in 1998 by the Institute of Medicine and recommended intake levels were set as 550 mg/day for adult men and 450 mg/day for non-pregnant women [1]. Choline is needed at every stage of life, from pregnancy to old age. Your liver can produce choline in small amounts, it must be taken from the diet to meet needs. It performs important functions like maintaining structural integrity of cells (like bricks in cell borders), producing brain chemicals like acetylcholine and supporting brain development in infants. Apart from supplements, protein rich foods like beef liver, eggs, almonds, and baked beans are sources of choline [2].

What makes alpha GPC unique?

Alpha GPC is one of the best choline supplements currently available due to its easy entry in the brain [3] and high choline content (40% by weight). Brain feed has created the world’s 1st capsule containing 99% Alpha GPC (the purest form), providing 500 mg Alpha GPC dosage.

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Once Alpha GPC is absorbed, it is incorporated into brain cells within 24 hours [3]. Upon entering the brain, it is used to produce acetylcholine, the fast-acting brain chemical involved in learning, memory, attention, and concentration [4]. 

Alpha gpc benefits increase motivation Alpha gpc choline Alpha gpc dosage Acetylcholine function motivational boost

Can Alpha GPC boost motivation?

Alpha GPC benefits have been studied due to its role in acetylcholine functions. A 2021 study conducted in Japan found that Alpha GPC increases motivation [5]. Healthy adults were supplemented with 400 mg Alpha GPC for 2 weeks and asked to track their mental state. They reported increased motivation during the day and at night. This shows that your brain can give you a motivational boost during your workout or to complete a daunting project, if you supply it with enough choline.

Can Alpha GPC help you remember things?

Acetylcholine is involved in helping you remember things. Animal studies have demonstrated that it is released in brain areas that involve memory needed to find food/reward locations. Higher levels of acetylcholine upon choline supplementation improved memory involved in recalling previously seen objects and relationship between concepts [6]. Higher amounts were released in different brain areas where short term memory is processed before long term memory retention [7]. This shows that acetylcholine can help you learn and memorise material so you can do well in your exams.

Can Alpha GPC help you focus?

Among certain patient groups, Alpha GPC was found to increase attention scores in those supplemented, due to increase in acetylcholine. Increased levels were associated with improved reaction times and the number of completed tasks [8]. This brain chemical can help you fly through your to-do list or concentrate when you are working in a noisy café.

Your brain needs a constant supply of sufficient choline to make acetylcholine. Ensuring adequate choline intake can help maintain optimum acetylcholine levels so you can perform your best at tasks that need memory, attention, and laser sharp focus. 


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