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Olly Laser Focus review: 50 gummies = 1 brain feed capsule

Published Mar 21, 2023 | Updated Feb 8, 2024

In a perfect world, a nutrient-dense diet rich in brainy nutrients would be the best way to supply your brain with all the nutrients it needs. With the challenges of maintaining a healthy diet every day like dietary restrictions, physical and mental demands, lack of time and resources, nutrition supplements are a good way to ensure that you can fulfil your specific needs. Those looking to improve their focus, concentration, and ability to maximise their work/study tasks often turn to brain nutrition supplements. With multiple brands like brain feed and Olly laser focus, UK markets are filled with brain health supplements, and it can be a feat to choose the best one for you. 

Alpha GPC: a heavyweight in brain health

Your learning and memory brain chemical, acetylcholine, is one of the most important brain chemicals and has been studied for over 50 years. Maintaining memory function over your lifespan depends on sufficiency in acetylcholine production. 

You can find the building block of acetylcholine in your diet. It is called choline, and is found in beef, eggs, mushrooms, and tofu. Upon consumption, some choline enters the brain and is converted to acetylcholine. The European guidelines recommend intake of 400mg choline to meet your daily needs [1].

If you have great cognitive demands or find it hard to get enough choline from your diet, a high-quality choline supplement can be beneficial to bridge the gaps. One of the most effective choline supplements currently available is Alpha GPC. This has undergone rigorous research and is known to freely enter the brain and increase acetylcholine levels in 1-3 hours for a quick boost [2]. Alpha GPC is 41% choline by weight, which makes it one of the highest choline sources in the market. 


brain feed

Olly laser focus

Alpha GPC dosage


(1 capsule=50 gummies)



99% Alpha GPC


Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Alpha GPC and ginseng extract

(lack of evidence for this combo)

Other ingredients

Sugar-free. Free of unnecessary fillers and flavours

Sugar and glucose syrup

(2 gummies = more than 13% of your sugar limit)


Easy to swallow capsule. (Temperature stable)

Flavoured gummy 

(Temperature unstable)


£24.99 ($30.06) for 30 servings

£0.83 ($1) per 500mg Alpha GPC

£11.62 ($13.99) for 18 servings

£16.25 ($19.25) per 500mg Alpha GPC

brain feed vs Olly laser focus: Ingredients, dosage, and price.

One of the upcoming supplements containing Alpha GPC and other nutrients is Olly laser focus. Reddit and other social media platform users have been discussing its use for improving focus. brain feed has an Alpha GPC product that provides a high dose Alpha GPC as a single nutrient. 

  • Alpha GPC dosage:

    • Olly Laser Focus gummies provide 20mg Alpha GPC per serving of 2 gummies.
    • brain feed provides 500mg Alpha GPC per capsule. This provides over half of your recommended choline needs. 50 Olly gummies would be needed to provide the same amount of Alpha GPC as 1 brain feed capsule. 
  • Nutrients:
    • Olly Laser Focus gummies are a blend of different brain healthy nutrients like Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Alpha GPC and ginseng extract. These ingredients have individually been studied to provide brain benefits. 
    • brain feed’s Alpha GPC contains 99% Alpha GPC as the sole nutrient. Research studies that found benefits of Alpha GPC for cognition and increase in acetylcholine levels were performed with Alpha GPC as a singular nutrient. 
  • Ingredients and format
    • Olly Laser Focus gummies have a sensory appeal due to the nature of its presentation as flavoured gummies enjoyed by consumers. Sugar and glucose syrup are the two main ingredients that contribute to its taste profile, providing 4g of added sugars. Guidelines published by Public Health England recommend limiting sugar to under 30g per day [4]. 2 gummies provide >13% of your limit. Though sugar appeals to taste buds and makes taking supplements an enjoyable experience, excessive sugar is detrimental to brain health. 
    • brain feed has adopted a clean label approach and focuses more on the nutrient profile as opposed to taste. The easy-to-swallow capsules are unflavoured and sugar free.  

How much Alpha GPC do you need for brain benefits?

In the world of science, supplements prove their efficacy by being tested multiple times through high quality studies. Alpha GPC has been tested in various research studies. The dosage of the supplement is imperative to assess the benefits. Most of the Alpha GPC studies conducted use at least 200mg of Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC has been found to be safe and effective at a high dose of 1200mg. A recent 2023 review encompassing 29 years of research, listed 1200mg to be the effective dose in improving memory of over 400 participants [3]. A car needs 55 litres of petrol for a full tank to run at max capacity. It would be unreasonable to expect it to run at the same efficiency on 5 litres of petrol. Similarly, a low dose of supplement may be less effective when its higher dose has been routinely researched to be beneficial.

    Do Olly focus gummies work? Are there better options?

    Some users of Olly focus gummies reported benefits. Studies are needed to assess the benefit of this combination on memory and learning skills. This supplement also provides high doses of Vitamin B6 and B12. These vitamins can help reduce tiredness and support normal psychological functions. It is possible that the benefits experienced could be due to a high dose of these nutrients due to corrections of low intake from the diet. Though the gummies provide 166% of your Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI) of vitamin B6 and over 3000% of your 1.5 mcg of vitamin B12 RNI, there is a low risk of Olly laser focus side effects. These vitamins are water soluble, and excess is lost through urine. There is lack of research on the added benefits of taking ultra-high doses of vitamins, despite their safety profile. If you are looking for good tasting gummies that provide you with high doses of vitamins B6 and B12, these could be a good option.

    If you are looking to increase your memory and learning chemical, acetylcholine, a high dose Alpha GPC, like brain feed’s 500mg Alpha GPC is a better option due to its evidenced-based research base. You can try the world’s 1st 500mg Alpha GPC capsule containing 99% Alpha GPC, that is vegan, sugar free and free of flavourings.

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    1. Dietary Reference Values for choline. (2016). EFSA Journal, 14(8).
    2. Frank, K. et al. (2022). Alpha-GPC Research Analysis. [online]
    3. Sagaro, G. G. et al. (2023). Activity of Choline Alphoscerate on Adult-Onset Cognitive Dysfunctions: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Journal of Alzheimer's disease: JAD, 10.3233/JAD-221189. 
    4. Public Health England (2015). Sugar Reduction The evidence for action. [online] 

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